By January 1, 2016

In accordance with Baraka mills policies and commitment to continual improvement, Baraka mills purchased a package of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment along with training and technical support from world renowned French manufacturer CHOPIN. The equipment include:

· The AlveoLab, that measures water absorption as well as the resistance, extensibility, elasticity and baking strength of flours using the internationally recognized benchmark device. It also measure the plastic qualities of wheats and flours at constant or custom water absorption levels and assesses the mixing properties of dough.

The AlveoLab can perform an Alveograph test, a Consistograph, Relaxation test and Degradation test.

· The Infraneo, which measures humidity, protein, ash, starch and other content for whole grains and/or powders. The Infraneo is an analyzer based on near infrared transmission technology. The device is fitted with a latest-generation grating monochromator, which is able to work across wavelength ranges between 750mm and 1100mm.

· The mixoLab, that measure the characteristics of dough during mixing, as well as the quality of the starch and protein, obtain complete information, characterize flours in one single test and anticipate the behavior of flours during mixing and baking.

The Mixolab measures the consistency of a dough sample when subject to both mixing and a rise in temperature. It analyzes the quality of proteins and starch from a 50g sample of flour.

The Lab is now fully operational and has helped us reach significant product stability.