About Us

About us

Baraka Mills is a flour milling company based in Beirut, Lebanon, supplying the finest flour at affordable prices to the local and regional markets, including semolina and by-products. The quality of our products has reputed us one of the leading mills in Lebanon.

Flour milling has been a signature business for the Shabarek family for the past 100 years, and has been passed down across generations and through different locations in the Levant. In 2003, the family launched Baraka Mills sal, a new state-of-the-art flour mill in Beirut, fully equipped by Buhler Group, a Swiss global market leader in the supply of flour production equipment. With the perfect combination of equipment and machinery, the highly skilled staff, along with the long history in the milling technology, we not only ensure the finest quality of product, but also product consistency and customer satisfaction.

At Baraka Mills, we make sure to procure premium quality wheat from only certified sources. The raw grain goes through several cleaning stages that prepare it for the grinding process. It is filtered to remove impurities and hard materials, cleaned thoroughly, and then sent to the grinding phase, where it is gently and delicately ground to produce the different products used to make such favorite foods as pitta bread, traditional Lebanese manakish, baguette, pasta, cookies, cakes, and snack foods.

Striving to always deliver and cater to the demands of our customers and the market, we are able to tailor and customize our products accordingly to the requirements and needs of each and every customer. Our innovative Quality Control laboratory is run by a team with the expertise to guarantee exceptional quality.


When we first began production, our main concern was to produce a stable product that would please the market and attract new customers. After successfully building a name for ourselves in the industry, we find ourselves more capable to endeavor in the creation of exciting and unique products while maintaining perfection in the quality of our original products.

Innovation has been a key factor for Baraka mills surge to the Lebanese market.

To achieve this, we have been investing heavily in our machinery and our personnel:

1- Our milling machines as well as our quality control lab are constantly upgraded and immaculately maintained.

2- We conduct annual assessment and training programs to all staff members.

3- Employees are regularly sent to seminars, workshops and conferences in various countries that target their specific positions. Our millers have attended advanced training sessions in milling and machinery in Switzerland, Dubai and Turkey.

4- Our staff is constantly supervised to ensure high efficiency and adherence to safety standards.

5- With our state-of-the-art quality control lab, we ensure providing our customers exactly what they desire by tailoring flour to fit the specifications they require.

Top-quality flour provides the basis for making high-quality foods. In order to transform grain into flour of unsurpassed quality, specially designed plant and equipment is needed in addition to the knowledge of the relevant process stages. That is why we at Baraka mills have introduced the Innovation team to constantly modernize us and keep us ahead in the industry. In the words of Thomas Edison – “There’s a way to do it better- find it!” and we plan to do just that!